6 Thoughtful Grief Gift Ideas

Posted on February 27, 2023 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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Grief Gifts Can Help Show Someone You Care, and we Have Eight of the Most Popular Options Listed Here

Providing a gift after a loved one can be an excellent way to create a sense of comfort for the individual after the cremation services in Pace, FL. Choosing to make the item yourself can give it an extra special touch, so let’s look at some of the most popular do-it-yourself memorial gift ideas.


1. Pillowcase or Blanket Keepsake

If you don’t know how to make these thoughtful gift options, videos and tutorials are available on the internet. Choosing a few of the individual’s favorite clothing pieces, including T-shirts, dress shirts, dresses, or sweaters, and combining them into a blanket or pillow case can be a comforting and thoughtful gift.


2. Artwork

If you are an artist, creating a painting or drawing of the deceased should be another beautiful option. Depending on your style, all you need is a canvas or piece of paper to create something truly personal to offer as a gift.


3. Customized Wind Chime

Wind chimes can bring peace and comfort to some individuals and can be a great option to offer someone after a loss. To create your own, you will need a few items, including:

  • A base to hang the chimes
  • A set of chimes
  • Tools to make holes and material to hang the chimes
  • Personalized decorations


There are exceptional ways to personalize it, from using keys as chimes to picking a flower pot as the base, creating a truly unique piece.


4. Collage

Photo collages can help highlight the individual’s life and legacy and can be a way to show the importance of the relationship the person had with the loved one. Combining various favorite pictures and placing them in a collage-style setting on a sturdy background allows for the item to be hung or framed. And if you don’t have many photos of the individual, consider using social media sites and printing those off.


5. Handwritten Letter

Words and stories can help a person suffering a loss, so why not consider writing a letter about the deceased as your gift? Included favorite experiences or memories you have about the loved one can be a gentle reminder of how special they were and bring a sense of comfort to the one suffering the loss.


6. Ornament

Memorial ornaments are another popular choice, and they can be customized through not only the color of the decoration but through ribbons or photos applied to the exterior. You could also consider putting something meaningful inside a glass ornament, like dried flowers, jewelry, or something unique about the deceased.


When You Need Compassionate Care and Professional Services, we are Here to Help

cremation service in Pace FLGoing through the loss of a loved one can be incredibly painful but having a gentle reminder can make it easier on the individual’s process, and a DIY memorial gift is a great way to get started.

Getting the appropriate grief support can make a difference in the experience, and if you’ve recently suffered a loss, we are here for you. We understand the pain of loss and know how to create truly memorable cremation services in Pace, FL, so contact us today or visit our facilities now.