Choosing an Urn that is Right for Your Loved One

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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When an individual passes away and cremation services in Pace, FL, are planned, specific details need to be addressed for the services. When it comes to the cremation process, the individual will be placed in a crematory that will reach up to 1800 degrees. Once the remains have been incinerated and cooled, they will be placed in a machine that will break them down into particles like ash. The remains will then be returned to the family in a chosen vessel called an urn, and here are some tips to picking the proper one.

What are the Options?

When it comes to urn choices, there are multiple options on the market with numerous different styles and materials to choose from.

Wood: When it comes to this option, these can range from oak to mahogany, depending on the style in kind you are looking for. They are a popular option due to the natural wood grains and the beauty that they hold. They can be designed to be stored indoors or outdoors and customized to help personalize them to reflect the loved one’s uniqueness. In addition, a lot of these options are engraved via machine then finished by hand.

Metal: This option has become popular due to its durability for extended periods. Because metal is more prone to being weather-resistant, it can be a better choice for some individuals depending on placement. They come in many designs and styles and can be formed to have a more classic look depending on the kind of metal you choose. The different options can range from brass to copper and include customization or engraving if requested.

Biodegradable: the last option can be an excellent fit for an eco-friendlier individual. These urns come in multiple options, such as bamboo or paper and, in some cases, wool fiber or even coconut shells. The urn biodegrade time will vary depending on the kind of material chosen, with some being more specific for water and others for soil. One thing that makes them beneficial is they are built not to biodegrade until they meet the elements that will prompt the breakdown.

Other Considerations

The urns will come in different sizes, so understand your needs before you begin to order as an average earn will hold between three and six pounds of remains. Some options can fit two individual remains or variations in pet and child size.

Keeping Your Family at the Heart of the Mattercremation service in Pace, FL

Scheduling cremation services in Pace, FL, and trying to choose the urn are just a few of the experiences that an individual can go through once a loved one has passed away. The emotions that can arise during the grief process make it that much more imperative that you find a company that understands the pain of loss and can help navigate you through the process. Faith Chapel Funeral Home and Crematory take great pride in helping all our clients streamline services to honor the loved one, so if you would like to know more or schedule an appointment, give us a call today.