Choosing the Decorations for the Headstone is Easier with these Popular Options

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Funeral Home
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Part of traditional burial will be purchasing a plot and headstone after the services are completed at one of the funeral homes in Pensacola, FL. This step can be an essential part of the process, and some people can find great comfort in decorating the headstone after the loved one is laid to rest. Choosing decorations that feel appropriate is essential, so we have gathered some popular ideas in this article.


Solar Lighting

One of the first recommendations is growing in popularity: utilizing solar lights at the plot site. Several companies are now specializing in this product, and some options are designed to attach directly to the headstone. There are many shapes, designs, and colors to choose from, and for some people, it can bring a sense of comfort knowing their loved one’s final resting place is lit up in the darkness.


Evergreen Blanket

This option is popular in destinations with cooler climates because it is a blanket that fits over the entire grave site. The item is made from Evergreen branches, which can be an excellent option for keeping snow from building up over the space. They are also designed to fit different sizes of plots, so be sure to know the dimensions of the area before placing an order.



Flowers are the most common choice that individuals will leave as a decoration but unfortunately, they don’t last that long. One alternative to this is choosing a silk arrangement, and there are options called flower saddles that sit directly on top of the headstone, braced by metal legs.


Banners and Flags

Flags are another popular item, and it’s not uncommon to see them displayed on special days of the year like Memorial Day. This could be an appropriate choice if your loved one served in the military, and you might choose a flag representing where they came from or served.

In addition, some banners can be personalized with the individual’s image, along with information about them like their name, date of birth, and any memorable phrases you would like to add.


Personalized Items

The last recommendation in this list is to pick an item that feels authentic and choosing a personal item of the loved ones may be appropriate. This could be appropriate if the individual had any specific things they regularly used, such as tools, fishing gear, or artistry items.

Or, if the individual loved holidays, you might consider decorating their headstone with items like pumpkins, holly or wreaths, or any religious or cultural items that feel appropriate.


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There is no doubt choosing the right decoration for the headstone can make a difference in the experience, so you want to consider the loved one when making your choice. And if you are looking for support for planning services at one of the funeral homes in Pensacola, FL, we would love to help you through the experience. We are a locally owned company with a deep focus and commitment to our community, so contact us today.