Understanding Your Options is Crucial, so we Have a List of the Differences Between Cremation and Burial Below

Posted on May 22, 2023 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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Whether you are planning or have just recently experienced a loss, one of the biggest decisions you’re going to need to make is choosing between burial or cremation services in Pace, FL. the fact is there’s no easy way to answer this, and it will come down to what feels correct and if there are any budget, religious, or personal needs to consider. So, if you haven’t decided, let’s look at both options to see what they offer.

Benefits of Cremation

Cremation, much like burial, has been used since individuals started walking the earth. The traditional cremation process includes preparing the deceased body through washing, disinfecting, and dressing them. Any medical or battery-operated devices are removed from their bodies and incinerated in a crematorium at temperatures up to 1800 degrees. The process will take two to three hours, and once it’s completed, the remaining bones will be grown into a financial return to the family.

  • The benefits include not needing to schedule a funeral service right away.
  • The process can be cheaper than burial because a funeral or memorial doesn’t need to be involved.
  • It’s a faster process than traditional burial.
  • Some consider it to be a more environmentally friendly option because there’s no embalming.
  • The ashes can be transported to scatter them or keep them with you.

Benefits of Burial

A traditional burial will require locating a funeral home and choosing a cemetery location and plot. The body will be handled similarly to cremation, where it’s cleaned and disinfected. If you select a memorial or funeral, the individual will be embalmed, and a cosmetologist will do their hair and makeup and dress the deceased. They are then placed in a casket, and the viewing or funeral services are held. The individual is placed in the grave, and a headstone is attached to identify their final resting place.

  • Burial services offer a place for friends and family to visit.
  • Some consider this to be a more natural option, and there are eco-friendly choices available now.
  • Some religions will require burial.
  • You can exhume the body if it’s necessary.
  • Laying the individual to rest can also offer loved ones a sense of closure.

Other Considerations

Another huge consideration is that choosing burials usually comes with higher costs than cremation. Even without a memorial or funeral, burial will require purchasing a plot, cemetery vault, and headstone, and there will be interment fees for the opening and closing of the grave. there are also scenarios where an individual may want to be buried after the cremation, so the choice simply comes down to what feels appropriate.

Trusted Services With a Local Expert

Understanding the difference between burial and cremation services in Pace, FL, can help you decide to help genuinely honor your loved one. If you need an exceptional provider, our team is here to support you. We are a locally owned company and understand the pain of loss and work hard to create deeply meaningful events for our clients, so contact us today if you have any questions, would like to get more information about our services or need to schedule an appointment.