Essential Information on Plot Considerations and Facts Before Buying

Posted on July 4, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Funeral Home
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Choosing one of the funeral homes in Pace, FL, is just the starting place for laying your loved one to rest. You will need to purchase a casket, a vault liner, a headstone or grave marker, and a plot to finalize the process, and having as much knowledge as possible is essential. This article will discuss plots more in-depth, so you can decide what feels authentic and appropriate for your situation.

Plot Size Options

When you think of a standard-sized plot, you might consider the most common types that you find in a cemetery, but there are four distinct sizes available, including:


The single-size burial plot is the primary type of plot that you will find in a cemetery. The design is intended for the casket of one individual and will be the most streamlined and affordable out of all the other choices.


Some individuals want to be buried together once they pass away, and the companion or double plots can assist in this. There are two different options, with the first one consisting of a burial side-by-side and single plots, or you can choose a double-depth plot and stack the caskets on top of one another. The double depth can be the cheaper of the two options because it does not require two outer burial spaces.


Family members may choose to be buried together, and in some cases, the cemetery proper might have room for the members to purchase a larger section of the area. The space will normally have a monument with the family’s name on it, and the rest of the area will be followed up with a side by side plots that have personalized headstones for each individual.


if your loved one chose to be cremated but also wanted to be buried, you could utilize this option. In most cases, cemeteries will allow the urn to be buried in a standard-sized plot. This can be an ideal option financially, especially if multiple family members have been cremated and want to be buried in the same space due to the sizing being for a casket.

What do the Plots Cost?Funeral Home in Pace FL

The plot’s cost will fluctuate, and if you’re looking at a public cemetery, it can range between $200 and $2000 depending on if you are in a rural or urban area. The same rules apply to private cemeteries and how the location will affect the pricing, but the average cost is around $2000 to $5000.

There may be Interment fees for opening and closing the site, replacing sod, and any required paperwork completion. This service can range between $350.00 and $3000 and go up even higher if it’s for a family plot. The last fee required is the permit papers, and depending on the location, these will cost around $20.

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