Giving a Eulogy Can be Easier with these Helpful Tips

Posted on September 5, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Funeral Home
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Funeral homes in Gulf Breeze, FL, can offer a sense of comfort and support for those experiencing a loss. Every detail you choose for the event will make a difference, including the eulogy you right out and how it’s delivered to the audience. Having some extra knowledge can help make the experience easier, so we have created this helpful guide to get you started in the process.

What do You Put in a Eulogy?

The eulogy is a document written after an individual passes away and traditionally read at the services. It is created to help highlight the loved one’s life and talk about their legacy and the ways that they affected others around them in a positive light. Several things can be included in this document, and a few suggestions are:

  • Information about unique relationships they had with family or friends
  • Any interesting stories or experiences you had with them
  • A summary of their legacy with information like their date of birth and where they lived
  • If they had any achievements in education or professional areas
  • Hobbies or passions that they pursued

Keep in mind this document should be between five and ten minutes long or one to two pages fully typed out. You also want to be aware of the content you’re putting into it to ensure it is appropriate for the audience.

Be Sure to Edit

Taking the time to make sure the document is properly edited. Rewriting and revising it can help remove any areas that need to be corrected or inspire you to add in some extra information with stories or experiences that may feel important to share.

Have Small Reminders

Using note cards is also encouraged because they can help you refocus if you get sidetracked. They are also beneficial for highlighting any essential parts of the speech and are commonly used by the top speakers on the market as helpful tools, so incorporate them if needed.

Practice the Speech

Knowing your speech will be another way to build up your confidence. It can also help you understand the right tone to use while speaking, the volume of your voice, and help you get more comfortable with any parts of the speech that may be more emotionally challenging to read.

Take Your Time

The last reminder when giving the speech is to take as much time as you need, especially if you feel emotions rising while reading. Remembering that the individuals in attendance are friends and family and are there to offer support and not judgment can also be a great benefit.

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Following these suggestions can make the process of writing and delivering the eulogy easier and create a successful and memorable speech. And if you need support in planning services with one of the funeral homes in Gulf Breeze, FL, we are here to help you. We are a locally owned company who have been providing exceptional services since 1965 so contact us today and see our reviews.