Myths About Cremation Services

Posted on December 21, 2021 by Teresa Atwood under Funeral Home
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In some cases, people may preplan their services by scheduling with funeral homes in Pensacola, FL, and others may choose to have cremation services instead. There is no doubt that either one of these options are excellent choices and can be utilized efficiently. If they decide to choose cremation, there may be questions around the process and what happens.

A Burial is More Expensive

The first myth has a partial truth to it in that if you choose to have an extravagant event, your prices will be much higher. But in the case where you go very simple and opt-out on things like embalming, an embellished casket, and all the extra costs that come with the funeral service, a burial might be a cheaper option than cremation.

Is it all Just Ash?

There is a myth that the remains are just ash, but this is not true. When individuals go through the cremation process, their bodies are heated up to temperatures close to 1800 degrees. This process will break down any soft tissues or muscle and what’s leftover is bone. This is then ground up into fragments and placed in a receptacle chosen by the family, and the individuals returned to their loved ones.

Is that the Right Person?

One fear that many individuals have is that after their loved ones are cremated, they won’t get the right individual back. And because there’s no physical proof of the person, this can leave someone to wonder who they received.

The truth is that crematories are under stringent laws to ensure proper identification placement on the body, and guidelines are followed, so there isn’t a mix-up. The individual must have identification constantly in place. Still, if you are concerned, you can always talk to the funeral director to determine what steps they take to ensure identification procedures.

Funerals and Cremation Do Not Go Together

Another myth is that you can’t combine cremation with a funeral service, but this is not true. The fact is, is that an urn can be buried just like a casket, so there’s no stipulation on not having them together. It is not uncommon for a funeral service or celebration whether the individual is being buried or cremated

You Cannot Scatter Remains.

One of the last myths is that you can’t scatter ashes, and this is not true. The biggest concern is keeping the area you want to spread the ashes in, in pristine condition. This means picking up any litter and not leaving a mess behind. The individual’s remains are not toxic or harmful, but we recommend checking with your county offices first before proceeding.

Choosing the Right Company for youfuneral home in Pensacola, FL

With all the misinformation out there, it can be confusing what happens with cremation services. Anytime you’ve lost a loved one and are looking at funeral homes in Pensacola, FL, you might need information on your choices. You want a locally owned company that cares about their clients and faith Chapel Funeral Home and Crematory has been serving their communities since 1965. We pride ourselves on being there to offer support so give us a call today.