The Urn You Choose Can Make a Difference, so here are Some Customization Ideas

Posted on September 26, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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When you start considering purchasing the urn to hold the loved one’s remains after the cremation services in Pensacola, FL, you might be wondering what options are available. Because almost any container can be used to hold an individual’s remains, there are thousands of choices, so we have gathered more information in this article to make the process easier for you.


Keep it Simple

One of the first recommendations for personalizing an urn is to keep it as simple as possible. There’s no way to fully convey an individual’s life on this vessel, so if you choose any words or other items to add, try to make them as streamlined as possible.


Consider Different Designs

The design of the urn is also going to be a significant factor in the choice you make. For some people, it may feel appropriate to choose a traditional shape, and for others, they may want something more unique looking. One way to help accommodate for this is to consider your loved ones and who they were as a person when choosing the shape.

For someone more free-flowing, you might consider something with a more abstract or artistic design, and for someone more structured, you might want something with straight lines and edges.


Adding in Remembrances

Adding an inscription to the urn can be an excellent option for personalization. Choosing a favorite phrase, poem, or Bible scripture can be a great choice to help highlight the individual and what they meant to you. You might also consider adding a quote or phrase about them that offers a sense of comfort and connection.


Include a Photo or Image

Images and photos can be another addition that can be made to create a customized piece. Choosing a favorite image of the individual can help make it more memorable or choosing images representing the person. Some ideas can include:

  • Mountains or forests
  • Animals or images of nature
  • Representations of hobbies or passions


What will the Urn be Used For?

The last thing to consider is how the urn will be used. If you’re planning on having a burial or scattering ceremony, you might want to invest in a biodegradable urn that will begin to break down when it comes in contact with water or soil. If you are looking for a longer-lasting and more durable option, copper, stainless steel, or marble can be excellent choices.


Expert Care and Professional Services

cremation services in Pensacola FLCreating a customized urn after your loved one has been through a cremation can offer a sense of connection and comfort as you go through the grief process. Choosing authentic and personal additions to the vessel can help create a container that reflects your love and care for them and help with healing.

Planning the cremation services in Pensacola, FL, doesn’t have to be challenging when you have the proper support, and we are here to assist you. We are a locally owned company that offers multiple services based on integrity and honesty for all our clients, so contact us today.