Tips and Options for Non-Traditional Funerals

Posted on December 12, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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Cremation Services in Gulf Breeze FL

Memorials and cremation services in Gulf Breeze, FL, are changing because individuals are beginning to focus on joy more than sadness after loss. With all the options for customization and personalized details, the demand is growing for choices because these can feel like a more authentic option for certain people. Creating an unusual and unique event is the key, so here are some popular alternative details to include in the services.


Incorporate Pets

Pets and animals can create a sense of comfort and be helpful guides through the process of grief. One way to put a unique spin on the event is to have individuals bring their pets, especially if the loved one had these furry companions or worked with them. Having these furry friends there can help bring a sense of liveliness, excitement, and joy and be a reminder of the individual’s legacy.


Have a Theme

Adding a theme to the event can be another inspirational and unique detail. If the individual loved working on cars, dressing up in costume, gardening, fishing, or any other type of activity or hobby, these could be incorporated into the event through the decorations and displays.


Include a Donation Option

If the loved one was deeply involved with charities and supported different causes, this is another alternative idea to incorporate into the event. Encouraging individuals to donate in the name of the loved one not only helps commemorate the person’s life but also Contributes to a good cause.


Tell Stories

Stories make up people’s lives, and if the deceased had an interesting legacy, why not ask attendees to share this? Having them either write letters to the loved one and read them out loud or share a favorite experience or memory at the event are both meaningful ways to honor the person.


Place Objects in the Casket

For some people, seeing the body of the service can be upsetting, so adding a purpose to this can be helpful. Having guests prepare a letter or object that reminds them of the person and placing that inside the casket could be a meaningful experience. Keep in mind not all items can be buried or incinerated with cremation, so be sure to choose compatible objects.


Take Time to RelaxCremation Service in Gulf Breeze FL

Grief is not only painful, but it can be exhausting, and offering a sense of relaxation to the attendees could be a thoughtful gesture. This will mean choosing a comfortable location, reducing formalities, and incorporating meditation, mindfulness, or even blankets and pillows for people to use can help instill a feeling of comfort and relaxation.


Trusted and Local Care

There are many different ways to remember and celebrate a loved one’s legacy; these are just a few of the alternative methods people choose. The main priority is having an event that feels meaningful and memorable and if you’re looking for expert support with the cremation services in Gulf Breeze, FL, let us guide you through the process. Our full-service funeral home has been in business since 1965, focusing on providing exceptional care and high-quality services for all our clients either for immediate need or planning ahead, so contact us today for more information.