Urns and Alternative Ideas for Cremated Remains 

Posted on April 11, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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When it comes to cremation services in Pace, FL, there are a series of details that will take place between the preparation of the body and the incineration process. Once this is all completed, the fragments will be ground down into ash and returned to their family members, who can then decide what they’re going to do with the loved one’s remains. Whether you’re choosing to keep the ashes or release them, here are just a few suggestions you can pick.

Personalize the Urn

When you think of a traditional urn, it might consist of a standard vessel that is tall and round, but there are other options available to choose from. For the avid fisherman, you might opt to place their remains in a favored tackle box and adorn it with lures. If the individual was a cook or baker, you might consider storing their ashes in a cookie jar or some form of kitchen container that can be personalized for their remains.

Send them Into Space

If the deceased loved outer space, some companies specialize in placing the ashes inside a capsule and sending them into orbit. This can be a thoughtful way to set them off, and some businesses are offering tracking devices so you can check in on the location of your loved ones and record where they have been in the galaxy.

Release them into the Ocean

For the ocean lover, you can choose to purchase a biodegradable urn that can be released into the water. Once the vessel encounters the moisture, it will begin to break down, and the ashes will be released and left to float among the waves.

Convert them Into Art

Art is an excellent way for individuals to express themselves, and there are multiple companies specializing in creating art out of an individual’s remains. This could be adding them into a piece of blown glass that can be put on display or even incorporated into tattoo ink which could then be made into a mural on an individual skin.

Make a Structure with Them

Another recently developed technique is incorporating the ash into cement or plastic and making molds out of them. This can be a unique option because the individual’s remains may be turned into steppingstones for a garden or even a reef structure placed in the water to become a home for aquatic life.

Create Jewelry

The last suggestion is to take the individual’s ashes and turn them into a form of jewelry like a necklace. One specialty item being produced now is a manufactured diamond made from the cremated remains, but there are also several other options available.

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