What is a Cremation Garden?

Posted on February 13, 2023 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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Cremation Gardens are Another Alternative Option for Your Loved One, So Let’s Take a Look at Their Details

Cremation services in Pensacola, FL, are a popular option and, in the last decades, have continued to be the right choice for over half of Americans. Cremation gardens are an alternative area where the loved one’s remains can be scattered. There are two different types available, so we will discuss the options they offer and some ways to create one of your own.



A scattering cremation garden has been defined as a specific section of a cemetery that is set aside for scattering cremated remains. They can be placed on top of the soil, mixed in the ground cover, or buried in an underground receptacle. In most cases, the cemetery will allow the family to purchase a plaque or bench to commemorate the individual’s memory. A few of the benefits of a scattering garden in a cemetery are:

  • The gardens will always be maintained
  • The family will be following any legal guidelines for scattering
  • The locations are usually beautiful and well-manicured



Private cremation gardens can be made on anyone’s land or property. This is a common practice for families that live on farms in rural areas, and even though the dispersal is legal, it is good to check with local regulations. A few reasons to choose this option include the following:

  • It can bring a sense of peace to the mourners knowing the remains are nearby
  • If the individual had a connection to the piece of land, this could feel like an appropriate space
  • If generations of family members have been laid to rest here
  • The garden can be designed and customized
  • It’s a more affordable option


How Can You Find One?

Cremation gardens have just started growing in popularity, so they may be more challenging to find a few ways to locate them are:

  • Googling scattering or cremation garden in your area
  • Check with local cemeteries and ask if they offer the service
  • Contact local gardens or parks to see if they allow for scatterings
  • Speak with a funeral director or someone in the industry


Creating Your Own Garden

If you have decided to use your property, a few ways to make the garden more unique include:

  • Having a customized plaque created with your loved one’s name on it
  • Consider adding some unique landscaping like statues or stepping stones
  • Add a sitting area with a personalized bench
  • Include small details like butterfly or bird feeders and any items that feel appropriate for the loved one’s memory


When You Need Compassionate Support and Care, We Have You CoveredCremation service in Pensacola FL

Cremation gardens are just starting to grow as an available option for individuals, and while there are more burial options today, it can be helpful to talk to loved ones to narrow down the options. And whether you’re choosing traditional burial or scattering after the cremation services in Pensacola, FL, our company is a trusted source for care. We strive to provide expert services regardless of faith, culture, lifestyle, or background and want to make this as stress-free as possible for you, so contact us today for more information.