Choosing a Casket is Easier With These Helpful Tips

Posted on January 16, 2023 by Teresa Atwood under Funeral Home
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If you need to schedule services with one of the funeral homes in Gulf Breeze, FL, picking the coffin or casket can be confusing with all the options. There are specific variables you will need to consider ensuring you are getting the appropriate vessel for your loved one, so let’s take a look at the top considerations for choosing the right casket.


What is Your Budget?

Your budget for the services will dictate the type of vessel you choose for your loved one. Typically, a traditional casket will cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000, but this will be based on the type of materials you choose and where it’s purchased.


What Size do You Need?

The average size of a casket is 24 inches wide and 79 inches long, Which may work for a standard-sized person. There are some ways to make the individual fit more easily into the vessel, but if they don’t fit, you may have to special order one that is the appropriate size.


What Material Will Work the Best?

There are three primary materials used to make the caskets to choose from, and they include:



With sustainability growing in popularity, companies have started creating various biodegradable caskets. They can be made from multiple items, including bamboo, plywood, or cardboard, and they are an excellent alternative if you need an eco-friendly choice.



Wood has been the most popular choice out of all three options and some individuals feel it’s a more natural choice to be returned to the ground with a loved one. There are various types of wood, including oak, mahogany, and pine, and they will all vary in price. The main drawback to wood is the material will not last as long as the other options and will disintegrate more quickly once in the ground.



Metal caskets are popular because they can protect your loved one for an extended period. Some people find comfort in knowing that their loved one is not exposed to the outside elements, and while wood can offer an elegant look, metal can feel more streamlined and contemporary.


Do You Need a Full or Half Couch?

Caskets come with either a full or half lid, which means. This will affect how much of your loved one’s body is exposed at the event, and this choice comes down to preference.


How About Customization Choices?funeral homes in Gulf Breeze FL

Once you have chosen a casket, you can consider ways to customize it. Typically, the exterior will be available in many colors, particularly with metal vessels, because they are easier to paint. The vessel’s surface can also be customized with inscriptions, or you can choose a unique interior color to match the exterior’s aesthetics.


When You Need Compassionate Support and Professional Services, We Have You Covered

Picking the casket is just one part of laying a loved one to rest and working with one of the professional funeral homes in Gulf Breeze, FL, can make the entire process easier. Our main priority is to create truly memorable events for our clients, and we are here to answer all your questions, so contact us today for any services you need.