Facts and Considerations About Companion Urns

Posted on October 10, 2022 by Teresa Atwood under Cremation Service
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After the cremation services in Pace, FL, the remaining loved ones will need to be stored in a vessel. In some situations, two individuals want to be laid to rest together in the same space, and a companion urn could be the right choice. Understanding what they are and ways you can customize them can help you create a truly thoughtful and memorable vessel comma, so here is more on them.


Companion Urn Considerations

Companion urns are similar to traditional vessels, but they are a wider choice. The average urn will hold anywhere from 350 to 400 cubic inches of cremated remains. One way to help you determine the size you need is by considering that one pound of an average size person equals one cubic inch of cremated remains. This can help you better understand the size you will need for the individuals.

The urns can also be adjusted in size and be larger or smaller depending on the circumstances. And there are two main options available, including one that can hold two urns on the same platform and another that kid house both individual’s remains together in the same space.


Types Available

There are several different options available on the market, and the most common types of urns include:


Wood is popular due to its softer aesthetics. It offers a warmer feeling that’s less formal, and because it’s made of natural material, this can be an appealing option for some people. It’s also one of the more easily customized choices so that you can add personal touches more successfully.


Metal can be an excellent choice for individuals who want a streamlined and more contemporary feeling for the urn. The metal choice comes in multiple options, including bronze, copper, silver, rose gold, and a large variety of sizes and shapes, making it a highly sought-after option.


One aesthetic that stone offers is it’s not a traditional option, and this material provides this. Some companion urns are built to resemble grave markers and may be rectangular, long, and can be made out of materials like granite or marble. They can also be engraved with a laser to place the individual’s names on them.


Wall plaques give another excellent choice and are a unique option because once the cremation process is completed, the remains can be placed inside the container, which can then be hung on a wall. The plaques are customizable and can have images or inscriptions engraved into their face to create a truly memorable option to honor the individuals.

Biodegradablecremation services in Pace FL

The last option is to choose a biodegradable urn; this can be an excellent choice if the flag ones want to be scattered or buried because the material will break down sickly when it meets water.


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Choosing the right urn is essential, and with this helpful guide, you can narrow down the options. And if you are looking for professional cremation services in Pace, FL, we have you covered. We are a local and full-service Funeral Home offering multiple options and resources based on integrity and honesty, so contact us today or tour our facilities.